Are you ready to make your own porn?

Let me tell you something. I know you love surfing porn.
I know you love to see a hot slut covered in fresh spunk.
It’s OK. I like that too.

I’ll bet you also lust after certain celebrities and women in your life. That’s perfectly natural.
Who would you like to fuck? Your secretary perhaps? That hot neighbour?
The girl on that new Netflix show?
I promise I won’t tell.

What if you could combine your love of facial images with your hot neighbour fantasy?
Wouldn’t she look great covered in your fresh sticky load? Think of the possibilities for
filling up your spank bank with images like that.

Who will you cover with your fresh hot cum?

I want to make it easy for you

With Facial Factory you don’t need a lot of fancy Photoshop skills to create a realistic facial image.
You just need a photo to start with.
You can use any image that you find on the internet, Facebook or kicking around on your hard drive.
Just load it up and drag blobs of creamy spunk all over it. You can control the thickness, wetness and shadowing of your spunk. There is even bukkake brush for painting thick face frosting!
When you are done you can add a nice hard cock as a finishing touch.

With Facial Factory you can load any image from disk or the web and cover it with a sticky load in minutes!

No Photoshop skills? No problem! Facial Factory is super easy to use and comes with loads of spunk for you to plaster your favorite pictures with.

What you get with Facial Factory!



  • Drag and drop from a large collection of photo-realistic cum blobs
  • Scale, rotate and position cum blobs into place
  • Auto-tinting – cum blobs detect the skin color and tint to match it
  • Change wetness, thickness and shadowing of blobs
  • Load background images from disk or from any image on the internet
  • Save your creation to your local hard drive
  • Bukkake brush for painting spunk directly onto the photo freeform style!
  • 3D placeable penis for that final touch!
  • Lifetime free updates! New features added all the time.

What our customers are saying

Why do I need this? Can’t I do it in Photoshop?


Even if you are a Photoshop master (are you?) Facial Factory is SUPER EASY to use and has many tools that are specifically designed for creating fake facials. It actually does a BETTER job than Photoshop. All the tools are designed for a total noob but they are super powerful.

For a limited time we are offering a SPECIAL deal to get Facial Factory for Windows for the super low price of $9.95 MEASLY BUCKS!!!! That is 66% off the regular price! But that’s not all! As an added bonus this month we are including a Windows version of our hit game Glory Hole Arcade as well!

Click the “Buy It” button to purchase. This deal won’t last long!

No-Risk Refund Policy

We are so confident that you will love our software that we are offering a 100% no questions asked refund policy. Try the software for 15 days and if it isn’t turning your crank the way you expected just send us a note and we will refund your $$!