Where can I play Glory Hole Arcade?
There is currently a WebGL browser version of the game and a version on Android. The Android version is available through MiKandi. MiKandi is available in the Google Play store. The browser version has been tested in 64-bit versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7, 10 and Ubuntu. It will probably work on other browsers as well. You can play the browser version at https://www.nsfwgames.net or at nsfwgames.newgrounds.com
Are you doing an RPG version of Glory Hole Arcade?
The game was originally designed as an RPG and there are definitely plans to expand to this. We would like to add a whole backstory and give you places to spend the money that you earn at the glory hole. There are a bunch of seedy characters waiting to exist. If you’re interested in this version please send us some feedback through the contact form.
What is NSFW games?
We are a small indie developer based in Vancouver, Canada. GHA is our first adult game but we have a number of other ones on the backburner. We also run the websites sexgamereviews.com and www.sextoontv.com.
I've got a great idea for an adult game! Will you build it for me?
Probably not. But I’m always happy to give advice to aspiring developers. I will probably advise that you start digging into the Unity game engine.